Today we’re talking about emotion regulation! It’s a big topic so I’m breaking it into 2 parts. In this episode, I’ll cover what the emotions are, and why we want to regulate emotions. We’re talking about the function of the emotion, the physiology of the emotions and the urges that go with emotions. This will give us insight into how they can be regulated and we will discuss that in the next episode.

My goal is to take a complicated topic and make it a bit less complicated.

Why is it important to even have this discussion about emotional regulation? To decrease emotional suffering and make clear decisions in the moment.

There are some barriers to regulating emotions. Those barriers could be biological or they could be simply a lack of skill. Maybe you were never taught that you needed to regulate your emotions. It could be that you never saw examples of emotional regulation being modeled. Those are all things we will cover next week.


We’re covering these 10 common emotions today:











Join us as we take a deeper dive into each of these emotions, so we can better understand the emotions and then we can better understand how to regulate these emotions. We’ll talk about that in part 2, so please come back next week for the conclusion.


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