Do you ever find yourself reacting to stressful events in a way that makes them worse? Would you like to learn a technique to help you to accept unavoidable, unpleasant occurrences calmly and without losing to the situation? If this is you, join Jennifer Cobb on today’s show and find out about the STOP Skill and how it can help you to cope when the tension is running high.

In today’s episode, Jennifer talks about Distress Tolerance Skills- about when and why you would use them. She explains the ins and outs of the STOP skill and describes the type of situation that would call for the use of it. Listen in today and learn how you can empower yourself to deal with any situation, even if it’s one that you’d rather avoid.

Today, Jennifer talks about:

  • Why she really likes the Distress Tolerance Skills.
  • She explains how the Distress Tolerance Skills work.
  • The 2 categories of skills in the Distress Tolerance Skills- Acceptance Skills and Change Skills.
  • That Distress Tolerance Skills are either in the category of Crisis Survival Skills or of Reality Acceptance Skills.
  • The main goal of Crisis Survival Skills.
  • The type of situation appropriate to the use of the STOP Skill.
  • The 4 stages of the STOP Skill.
  • She walks you through the use of the STOP Skill, using a personal situation as an example.
  • That the intention with the STOP Skill is acceptance, NOT change.
  • She shares a short, three-part meditation for you to use.








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